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Garfield County Community Notice: Travel and Recreation Restrictions Still in Place

Garfield County Community Notice: Travel and Recreation Restrictions Still in Place

Garfield County Community Notice

COVID travel and recreation guidance
Colorado Safer at Home phase: Travel and recreation restrictions still in place


Spring is here and the weather is beautiful. Garfield County Public Health encourages people to get outside and to be active responsibly and close to home. Here are some frequently asked travel and recreation questions.


Can I travel during Colorado’s Safer at Home?

Right now, the Colorado Safer at Home Order only allows necessary travel in- or out-of-state. Necessary travel includes:

  • Activities related to health and safety
  • Caring for another person, pets or livestock
  • Obtaining services and supplies such as food and consumer products
  • Engaging in outdoor activity close to home. (Recommended to stay within 10 miles of home).
  • Going to work
  • Returning to your residence from another jurisdiction
  • Travel required by law or court order
  • Transporting children between separate households according to custody agreements
  • Moving

Am I going to be able to take my planned trip this summer?

We can’t predict what the situation will look like several weeks or months from now, as the spread of COVID-19 will determine necessary community actions. Please keep your plans fluid as restrictions are subject to change.

Can I travel to another state or county to recreate?

We are asking all Coloradoans to respect Safer at Home orders, stay close to your home to recreate, and use local trails and parks for outdoor recreation. Those living in Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin counties may need to travel within the three counties for work, recreation and commerce.

Can I recreate in rural areas where I won’t have much contact with other people?

While escaping to the more rural parts of the state may seem like a logical idea, limiting travel for recreation helps minimize the strain of visitors on small communities.

The Colorado Tourism Office states that now is not the time to safely vacation in Colorado. Many of the state’s key tourism attractions are closed, including restaurants and bars, arts and cultural facilities, entertainment venues, sports arenas and national parks.

Colorado state parks remain open, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife service (CPW) has closed all playgrounds, picnic areas, campgrounds, dispersed camping and camping facilities at state parks, as well as camping at state wildlife areas.

When might it be safe to travel again?

If everyone continues to do their part, hopefully by the end of May, Colorado may move onto the next level of easing protective orders to a few less restrictions.

Colorado residents have been doing a great job at fighting COVID through staying home, social distancing and sanitizing, and we must keep up the effort to protect the community. The virus is still very active and can surge at any time until a vaccine is developed.

People should be prepared for state and local public health orders to be extended, amended, or changed as needed to protect public health. This means we may move between different levels of restriction during this pandemic, as it continues to affect communities statewide, nationwide and worldwide.

What is the current COVID status in Garfield County?

Over the past few weeks, our data has shown some positive indicators. We have seen a decrease in symptom onset. We also have seen more person to person transmission versus community transmission. This means that our most recent cases can identify the source of their COVID exposure.

The fact that we are seeing person to person transmission serves to emphasizes the importance of social distancing, and the impact that it is making on reducing the spread of the virus in Garfield County.

You may wonder: If the news is so good, why can’t we just go back to business as usual? It’s not like flipping an off/on switch. If we reverse course too rapidly, the virus will come roaring back. More people will get sick, more will die, and our hospitals won’t be able to take care of them along with other patients. It’s more like a dimmer switch. We need to be prepared for the long haul and slowly turn the dial brighter so we can get ourselves and our economy back on track safely.


Carrie Godes
COVID-19 Public Information Officer
Garfield County Public Health
2014 Blake Ave. Glenwood Springs, CO 81601