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Garfield County: Public health order and variance FAQs: UPDATED June 4

Garfield County: Public health order and variance FAQs: UPDATED June 4

Links to the latest public health orders, variances, and the online Social Distancing Plan can be found here. Information below is subject to change.

Can I hold a group gathering?

With strict social distancing measures in place, public and private gatherings both indoor and outdoor are limited to 25 people or less.

However, if an activity has specific guidance listed in the latest public health order, you must follow those guidelines (which may limit gathering size).

The Garfield County variance only applies to: restaurants, houses of worship, and fitness facilities (gyms) who may operate at 50% posted occupancy, with social distancing, and a maximum of 175 people.

The variance also allows for an organization or municipality to open outdoor recreation facilities (parks, playgrounds, shelters, courts) under strict social distancing measures, for 50 people or less.

Are short-term rentals open?

Yes. Please see the following guidance.

Are pools and hot springs open?

Indoor, outdoor pools, and developed hot springs may operate under social distancing guidance provided in the Garfield County variance at 50% capacity, with 50 people or less. Bathrooms and showers will remain open if frequently disinfected. Lockers remain closed.

Are splash pads open?

Not yet; they are still being considered.

Can I host a tournament?

Not at this time, adult and youth sports tournaments that attract crowds or travelers are not allowed

Are  personal league and team sports allowed?

Yes, with specific guidance and for personal recreation purposes only. 25 players or less outdoors, and 10 players or less indoors.

Parents may attend youth sports but must practice social distancing from those outside the household. Spectators are discouraged for adult sports. Leagues must retain records of who played, for disease investigation purposes.

Are summer camps open?

Day camps may reopen with strict precautions. Sleepaway camps will still be prohibited through June. Day camp businesses must submit an online Social Distancing Plan and follow specific guidance (page 42).

Are group fitness classes allowed?

Yes, with social distancing requirements outlined in the fitness facility variance, gyms, fitness, and dance facilities are allowed for groups of 10 people or less indoors, and 25 or less outdoors. Restrooms and showers are open, while lockers remain closed

What types of courts are open?

Only tennis and pickleball courts are open for 10 people or less. Other indoor and outdoor courts such as basketball courts are currently closed

Are playgrounds open?

Yes, if allowed by the organization or municipality they are located in and meet strict social distancing requirements outlined in the recreation County variance

Are there travel restrictions?

Travel responsibly throughout the state. Honor local restrictions by checking the rules before you go.

Are private campgrounds open?

Yes, with specific guidance (page 4). Group facilities, pavilions, cabins, and yurts remain closed.

Are breweries/bars open?

Only if they have an approved Garfield County Social Distancing Form, and meet specific criteria in regards to foodservice.

Are movie theaters open?

Indoor movie, performance theaters, opera houses, concert halls, music halls, and museums are still closed. They do not fall under the County variance and are not allowed under the State order. Drive-in movies are permitted.

Are amusement parks or arcades open?

Not yet; they are still being considered.

Are rodeo, fairs, festivals, or parades ok?

Not at this time, as large group gatherings could result in increased disease outbreaks.

Are funeral homes and cemeteries operating?

Yes, at 50% occupancy, not to exceed 50 people with strict social distancing requirements.

How long will this phase last?

Garfield County is working on submitting another variance for State approval that would expand or open up more activities that are currently restricted or closed. The state is providing frequent updates that we will share with the community as soon as we receive them.


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