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Help Glenwood Springs SHINE with GLENWOOD GOLD!

Invest in Glenwood Springs Community Challenge

Shopping small has always been a wonderful way to support Glenwood Springs’ community. There are plenty of reasons to frequent local shops but now more than ever, shopping in Glenwood Springs is a golden investment in our community.


Glenwood Gold Community Challenge

It filled us with joy and gratitude how we saw our community come together during this difficult time. Glenwood Springs community demonstrated strength and loyalty! However, to fully recover and bounce back we still must give our very best to help Glenwood Springs shine.

We challenge the Glenwood Springs Community to invest $100,000 into Glenwood Gold Community by December 31, 2020.
Every Glenwood Gold purchase will count towards the goal. If we succeed, we will host a community celebration sometime in 2021 when it is safe to do so.

Watch the progress!

We will post regular updates on how much money has been invested and thank businesses and individuals that helped us get closer to our goal! $70,015 has been invested in Glenwood Gold! 

How can you help Glenwood Springs shine?

women shopping

Glenwood Gold community currency is the perfect gift to your loved ones, employees, and business partners. No matter who you treat with Glenwood Gold, it is also an investment in Glenwood Springs, your ideal mountain community!

  • Help Glenwood Springs Shine and talk about it.

This is not the time for modesty, Glenwood Springs needs shiny Advocates.  Your community investment might inspire others to follow your example!

  • Use the Glenwood Gold frame for your Facebook profile picture to inspire others to help Glenwood springs shine! Get the Facebook Frame HERE!
  • Share your Glenwood Gold photo on Instagram tagging @glenwoodchamber and some of your favorite businesses using #GLENWOODGOLD
  • #ShopGlenwood & #DineGlenwood and talk about it!
  • Share your local purchases with the community, tell others about great deals you found, or recommend your favorite new dish at a local restaurant.

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About Glenwood Springs Community Currency and how it works!

This year, the Glenwood Chamber introduced Glenwood Gold community currency as part of economic recovery strategy. The new Glenwood Gold community currency is a year-round “buy local” stimulus program. Glenwood Gold certificates currency certificates can be purchase on the Chamber website work like cash when redeemed. The program reimburses participating businesses 100 percent of the face value of the currency. Learn more and purchase Glenwood Gold HERE.