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Roaring Fork Leadership Offers Free Resiliency Education

Roaring Fork Leadership Offers Free Resiliency Education

Individuals, families, and communities all over the world are currently redefining the power of resiliency. The Roaring Fork Valley’s foremost leadership and professional development program, Roaring Fork Leadership (RFL) is offering free educational programs and resources, RFL Live: Resilience Experience. This is a collective effort of leadership practitioners who believe leadership development is the future for Colorado. It is an opportunity to learn from the best of the best across the state to support individuals and organizations during these uncertain times. These programs are offered every Tuesday, Noon – 1P, via Zoom.

With recent research showing that 70% of employees report that their organizations are not doing enough to prevent emotional exhaustion and the subsequent burnout it creates, RFL responded by adapting our free monthly learning event, RFL Live: Lunch & Learns into this weekly virtual initiative, the Resiliency Experience. Resilience is important for multiple reasons; it enables us to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences which could be overwhelming, it helps us to maintain balance and hope in our lives during tough times, and can also protect us from emotional exhaustion and the onset of some mental health difficulties and issues.

In addition, RFL created a Resiliency Resources webpage designed to provide free, educational, and influential content for everyone. Webinars, articles, podcasts, classes, and more can be found. Each piece of content has been selected to help guide people through the current circumstances, and strengthen their sense of resiliency and leadership.

RFL Executive Director, Andrea Palm-Porter said, “Humans are expected to “lead” in a world of acceleration and adaptability. The rate at which humans’ adaptability to the rate of change is not being kept up with. Humans are being left behind, and we need to figure out how to stay relevant, innovative, self-lead, resilient, and adaptive. This is where RFL comes in, to narrow the gap between our capacity and the rate of change.”

It’s more important than ever before for RFL to continue to prepare those who will shape our communities and our world to be strong, healthy, and resilient leaders.

Roaring Fork Leadership is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leadership skills and relationships to transform individuals into engaged citizens. For more information and to find Resiliency Resources please visit www.rfleadership.org. To register for weekly Resiliency Experiences, click here.



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