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United to Stop the Spread Campaign progresses to STAY United to Stop the Spread

United to Stop the Spread Campaign progresses to STAY United to Stop the Spread

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. –  The United to Stop the Spread campaign evolves messaging with a new slogan created to encourage county-wide participation as health officials work to vaccinate our local population. STAY United to Stop the Spread is an extension of the initial campaign. It intends to demonstrate in non-partisan language the commitment to practicing public health protocols while we are in a period of increasing numbers of public vaccinations.  

“We set out to establish common ground with all the county cities and jurisdictions to maintain commercial activities, keep the schools open and decrease the number of COVID-19 cases as we were headed into the red dial. We quickly got our message across, and now we want to send a new message to keep it up,” said Chamber Director, Angie Anderson. “We ask the entire community to help us boost awareness and incorporate the logo and slogan into community communications. This reinvigorated message and sharable graphics can be downloaded from the campaign website, UnitedtoStoptheSpread.com.”

Stopping a pandemic requires using all the tools available to us. While vaccine availability grows, it is important to continue taking COVID-19 precautions. STAY United… aims to renew efforts in the county-wide messaging to slow the spread of COVID and maintain healthy practices to keep our community thriving. STAY United to Stop the Spread asks everyone to use public health recommendations to combat the pandemic. We encourage diligence with necessary protocols like thorough handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks, limiting in-person gatherings, and staying home if you are sick. By all of us doing our part, we can help keep our community safe and open and protect our loved ones and community members who have not yet had the opportunity to get the vaccine. New campaign elements, materials, and opportunities to participate are available on www.UnitedToStopTheSpread.com.

Download Stay United logos at www.UnitedtoStoptheSpread.com/download.